We don't know the first thing about building ships

But we do know how to build other things. Innovative, strategic, digital things.

Build with us

Brand New Ship is a digital product lab with a passion for early-stage startups.

The beginning stages of product development are often hard to navigate. But the right partnership can make all the difference. From ideation and research to design and development, our crew has everything you need to turn your startup's big idea into a reality.

Ok, ok, we'll give you a taste...

Snapp Digital

We partnered with the team at Snapp Digital to help them create a new digital platform connecting ad space owners with potential advertising customers. Working alongside their founders, we developed an intuitive user interface and a robust backend to make selling and managing ad space both easy and cost-effective.

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Starting from the ground up, we partnered with KnowledgePost to create a unique brand identity positioning them as a leading professional learning provider. We continued to build the brand by crafting an engaging user interface on top of a custom Rails application, allowing learners and providers to easily and quickly connect.

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No, we weren't born in a garage. Or a shipyard. Despite what our name might have you believe.

Brand New Ship just had a nice ring to it. And the domain was available. And so we ran with it. (Or swam with it? You get the picture.) And now, we can talk about all sorts of nautical things. Like how exciting the product development "voyage" is, and how we'd love for you to come aboard, and how on the open sea, anything is possible...